The Emotion Training Institute (ETI) offers training, guided practice, and consultation in the emotion focused approach.

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), founded by Dr. Leslie Greenberg, is a richly elaborate, textured, and nuanced psychotherapy model.  EFT promotes and supports the development of emotion self-efficacy, or mastery, in living productively with the array of human emotional experience. Based on a half-century of study, clinical practice, and research, EFT gives us the science of emotion to help individuals move from a fear and avoidance of painful emotion to a competence in utilizing the inherent guidance system that our emotional experience provides us

At ETI you will find:

  • Engaging training experience

  • Expert instruction

  • Clear demonstrations

  • Stepwise skill development

  • Interactive learning 

  • Emphasis on experiential practice

  • Drill-down discussions and explanations

  • Tools for evaluating your own work

  • Guidelines for continuing to develop outside of course time

  • Continuing Education resources

ETI is known for:

Fostering mastery in individuals, and capacity in professional communities, in understanding and utilizing the theory, and exceling at the practice, of the emotion focused approach

Providing a stepwise Training Wheels approach to achieving excellence in emotion focused experiential tasks, tools, and techniques 

Offering a “Mentorship/Apprenticeship” structure within the ETI training community, to encourage a high level of skill competence as well as a broad leadership among professionals in this field

Facilitating Personal Growth in addition to Professional Development and Practice Change in trainees and trainers, through a learning program that includes demanding levels of skill instruction, practice and evaluation, as well as reflection and discovery


Promoting and contributing to greater accessibility to Emotion Focused Therapy and Skills Training among struggling individuals and families in need


Founder & Lead Instructor Joanne Dolhanty

Dr. Joanne Dolhanty, PhD, C. Psych, is a clinical psychologist and the developer of Emotion Focused Skills Training (EFST). In collaboration with Dr. Leslie Greenberg, she also developed the application of Emotion Focused Therapy to Eating Disorders. She provides a lively and warm training atmosphere which facilitates personal growth as well as learning. She is known for turning complex change concepts into usable tools. Dr. Dolhanty teaches and trains individuals, parents, professionals and organizations across Canada and internationally.